Black Friday for Your Baby 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most anticipated days throughout the year. As a matter of fact, people start preparing for next year’s Black Friday the moment they’re done with this year’s. Why’s that? Well, the difference in prices is awe-inspiring, to say the least.

These drastic price tag drops can considerably help set you up for major life events; college, marriage, moving, and, of course, babies. Now, we all know that there is nothing more costly than tiny humans. The thing is, as they grow, so do their needs, costing more and more every day.

So, let’s get straight to the point so that we can help you prepare for the Black Friday of 2022 with utmost diligence. Hopefully, by the end, you’d have checked off every item on your list.

Keep an Eye Out For…

Now, let’s talk about the products parents should focus on as they’re expensive and the most needed for a few months or a few years to come.


When your baby graduates from the bassinet, we’ll need to move on to the stroller so that you can take them out into the world and actually start doing some activities with them. There are at least 6-8 types of strollers on the market; jogging, travel system, double, tripple, etc. 

Some strollers come with the car seat and the bassinet in one, while others consist of just the stroller. So, if you wish to go on walks with your baby from now on, you should start looking for an appropriate jogging stroller.

Baby Car Seats

As we‘ve said before, some strollers come with car seats, while others don’t. If you wish to buy each separately, make sure that you look into the compatibility of the car seat with your stroller and, of course, your car.


Best‌ Portable‌ Bassinets

Now that we’ve a baby and we’re out of the hospital, we need to carry them around. Keep in mind this baby can neither support their head nor their back, so they need to lay down at all times, comfortably. Bassinets can be very expensive, so if you can snag one on Black Friday, you’ll definitely have scored. 


Best Co-Sleeper Crib

The competitiveness present in the baby necessities industry is tough. On one side, it gives parents countless options, and on the other side causes significant confusion, especially if we’re speaking about first-time parents.

Cribs are one of these products that are present in abundance, both online and offline. Now, these cribs have become terribly advanced; they swing the babies as they sleep, provide calming music or white noise, and have lights, toys, and blankets attached. All of that serves to raise the prices every year.

Toys & Baby Clothes

Toys and baby clothes are some of these items that you can never have enough of. They’re way too cute to pass up, and you can find yourself spending thousands of dollars on them. Hence, word to the wise, if you happen to like anything, save it in your cart, and go back for it on Black Friday.

Baby Monitors

Although sometimes we wish to, we can’t keep our babies glued to our chests all day long. They need to grow, play, and socialize. And for us to be able to allow them that comfortably, we’ve to keep an eye and an ear on them. That’s why baby monitors are one of the first necessities that parents must bag.

Breast Pumps

Some mothers choose to pump while others don’t; it all depends on the mothers’ preferences. Nonetheless, that doesn’t change the fact that breast bumps can be incredibly pricey, and some of the pricier options are actually the worst models you could ever use.

Consequently, don’t forget to check the reviews, ask around, and make sure you’re investing your money in a good set of breast pumps, especially if you’re buying them at a discounted price.

Maternity Clothes

Logically, when a woman finds out she’s expecting, she’ll need to go shopping for maternity clothes, which are always way too expensive for no reason. Maternity pants, dresses, nursing bras, and simply clothes that will allow your baby access even if you’re outside.

Hospital Bag Essentials

It goes without saying that new parents should start packing the hospital bag whenever the third-trimester hits. That way, in case anything happens, they can grab it and go. Hence, finding the right maternity hospital bag can make a world of difference. From size to material to division, all of that will help you keep the fussing to a minimum while you’ve a newborn on your chest. 

As for the inside of the bag, you need to pack everything not supplied by the hospital. That can be diapers for the baby, birth pads, and a significant number of baby outfits if you’re to stay more than one day.

Besides, don’t forget basic toiletries for you and your newborn, a baby nail care set so that your baby doesn’t end up scratching himself, and mother care products to relieve the pain of birth, such as witch-hazel, nipple cream, and a portable bidet.

Nursery Requirements

Who doesn’t want to decorate a nursery? It’s supposed to be the most beautiful room in the entire house. So, parents like to take their time and decorate the little one’s nursery to the point of perfection.

Diaper Bags

For a few years, parents can totally forget about carrying their own purses, as they’re always dragging their child’s diaper bag, and gradually, it becomes their bag as well. Subsequently, you must find a sturdy bag that can carry everything you need comfortably without overstuffing it.


Last but certainly not least is formula. Some babies are comfortable with breast milk, while others need formula, which can be pretty pricey. So, as long as you keep an eye on the expiration date, stocking up on Black Friday is the wisest decision you can make.

What to Look For?

Officially, Black Friday starts on the 26th of November. Yet, preparation for Black Friday starts way before, usually around the end of October and the beginning of November. 

There are so many routes through which you can get your hands on discounts, coupons, and gift cards. You only need to look carefully, and you’ll find them scattered a plenty around you as we approach the Black Friday era, kind of like easter eggs!


Flyers are the oldest and most well-known method of engaging customers and enticing them with unpassable offers. Whether these flyers are online or offline, make sure that you’re checking your email every day. Subscription lists make substantial price drops, and your mailbox ought to be filled to the brim with flyers from everywhere.

Online Coupons

Coupons always come in the form of surprises. They pop up on random websites, or if you’ve purchased a particular product, you might be given a discount for your next purchase. So, always look closely at the check-out window, not to miss out on anything.

Influencer Discount Codes

Discount codes given out by influencers are the newest method of engaging the audience and benefiting the companies. 

You’ll find that as we get closer to not just Black Friday but also the holiday season, influencers are continuously being offered codes by companies, and therefore, offering them to their followers and subscribers. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for you.


The difference between the standard codes and the influencer ones is where to find them. Standard codes are scattered everywhere; TikTok pages, Facebook pages, Instagram pages, literally anywhere. Still, keep in mind that more often than not, these coupons may be corrupt.

How to Shop?

We honestly don’t think there are any moments more prominent or iconic during the year than the doomsday crowds seen in malls and even on the TV during Black Friday. 

If you’re an adventurer and have plenty of courage, you can go shopping offline and enjoy the experience. We’d never forget when two individuals decided to throw each other with LCD screens a few years back, so be careful! 

If that isn’t your thing, you can shop online; but, the servers aren’t always so trustworthy when there’s so much pressure on them. Also, the demand is so high that you might want a product and have it be out of stock in the next 10 seconds. So, nothing is guaranteed until you check out.


As good parents, we all wish to provide the best for our children within our capabilities. That’s precisely where discounts and coupons for Black Friday come into play. Specifically, when talking about baby necessities, you’ll find the price to be rather frightening.

The end result is that many parents choose to rent certain products rather than buy them and pay such a huge bulk of money.

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