10 Tips for Running with a Jogging Stroller

Whether you already take running as a hobby or if you’re looking for a way to get some exercise with your baby, a jogging stroller would serve you well.

And although choosing a jogging stroller and pushing it in front of you as you run may seem like it’s just that, there’s more to it.
So here are the best tips you can get so you and your baby can have a smoother run.

1. Make Sure Your Baby is Old enough for a Jogging Stroller

If you’re not familiar with the different types of strollers, you may not be aware that some fit both babies and toddlers while others are designed specifically for an age group but not the other.

As for jogging strollers, your baby has to be six months or older for them to be safe on a jogging stroller.

That is unless your stroller has a car seat adapter to provide the baby’s head and neck with the needed stability and prevent any bounciness.

2. Lock the Front Wheel

Some jogging stroller wheels come with a swiveling front wheel to allow you to maneuver it through crowded areas.

If yours does, make sure to lock the front wheel before a run to get the most stable and smooth performance.

You don’t have to worry about the wheel if it fixed by default.

3. Start at a Pace Slower than Your Average

Running with a stroller is harder than doing it solo, so take it slow and easy.

Make sure to start at a slow pace and then increase it little by little to ease your baby into the bumpiness of full speed.

This also helps you be in full control of your stroller at all times. With that and the stroller’s wrist safety strap, you can rest assured that the stroller will always be within arm’s reach.

4. Don’t Wear Headphones

Although podcasts can motivate us to work out more intensely, it’s better if you take your baby running without the headphones.

This helps you stay alert to your surroundings and your child’s reactions.

So if they get uncomfortable or start crying, you can tend to their needs.

5. Take Breaks Often

You should plan your route before you go for the run and have a park or somewhere you can rest in the middle.
This gives your child some time to be active, so they don’t get bored from sitting in the stroller for too long and start fidgeting too much.

6. Align Your Jogs with Your Baby’s Nap Time

The motion of the stroller can help put your child to sleep. And if it’s their nap time already, the possibility is doubled.

That’s why you should schedule your training around your baby’s nap time to get the benefit of facilitating their sleep and not have them move around or complain during your exercise.

7. Stay in Control of Your Stroller

You must stay in precise control of your stroller at all times. Use the wrist strap to prevent the stroller from straying away if you lose your grip on it.

You can push the stroller with one hand that the strap is on, but always make sure there’s one hand on the handlebar.

Moreover, make sure all your brakes are working before you go on your run. This includes the hand and foot brake –if it’s available.

8. Avoid Busy Roads

Even if you’re running solo, you should avoid busy streets with heavy traffic. But this becomes even more important if you have a baby on a jogging stroller with you.

No matter how high the maneuverability of your stroller is, you shouldn’t risk pushing it through traffic and crowded streets.

9. Bring Snacks and Toys

Keeping your child busy with snacks or toys can help keep them quiet for the whole duration of your exercise.
If you can fit them in the stroller’s side pockets, that’d be the ideal choice to prevent them from getting lost or falling out.

10. Register your Stroller and Keep it Maintained

Just like a car or a bike, jogging strollers should be maintained regularly to stay in good shape.

Store your stroller indoors to protect the wheels, seat, and hardware from weather elements.

Moreover, make sure to wipe it clean of dirt and debris after every time you go out.

Registering your product means you’ll be updated with any recalls or safety alerts.

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