How to Keep Your Baby Safe in a Stroller

Being a new parent can be extremely hectic. You still do not know how to handle all the responsibilities while keeping your baby safe and happy at the same time.

However, some tools will definitely help make parenting a bit easier. One of these tools is having a safe stroller.

Let’s find out together how to keep your baby safe in a stroller

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9 Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe in a Stroller

1. Stay close to the stroller

You should always be very close to the stroller, even if you are sure that the brakes are perfect. You never know! A stroller may tip over or roll away for any reason.

2. Lock the Brakes On When Stopped

Put the brakes on even if you are stopping for one minute while waiting to cross the street. You shouldn’t leave your stroller any possibilities to roll away accidentally.

3. Keep the Stroller out of the Sun

Do not keep the stroller out in the sun to prevent the plastic or metal from gathering heat and burning your child.

4. Fold it Carefully

Keep your baby away when folding the stroller because their little fingers can get caught up in between.

Moreover, you should always make sure the stroller is locked open before putting your child in it.

5. Keep Older Kids Away

If you have an older child, make sure they don’t climb or jump into the stroller as this may cause loss of balance and consequently put your children in very dangerous situations.

6. Focus on Your Path

As long as you’re controlling wheels, whether it’s driving a car or pushing a stroller, you need to have your eyes on the road and focus on keeping the vehicle under control at all times.

7. Keep Your Stroller’s Balance

Heavy bags may cause the stroller to tip over, so make sure you don’t hang too many on the handlebar.

8. Mind the Terrain

Do not push the strollers on rough ground, over curbs, or up and down the stairs. Unless your stroller has the proper features for all-terrain strolling (such as pneumatic, air-filled tires), then you should push it on smooth grounds and paved paths.

9. Keep Your Child in the Stroller

Do not let the child lean out of the stroller or leave their seat. They should be comfortable and securely strapped in their buckle.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Stroller


If you live in the city, you would want to buy a sturdy stroller. This will ease the process of pushing the stroller among busy streets and sidewalks. You will also need a stroller that is easy to fold to get on a bus, for example.

Family Members

We all know how envious kids could be, right! So if you have an older child, you might want to buy a double stroller that would fit them both. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s weight guidelines.


If you are planning on taking the baby with you while running, jogging strollers would be a perfect choice.

Essential Things to Know About Jogging or Running Strollers

  • They can be used to walk on paved and unpaved streets.
  • Do not jog with a baby who is younger than one year old.
  • The jogging stroller must have a fully reclining seat because the infant’s neck muscles are weak and can’t handle jogging.

Extra Accessories to Make Sure Your Children Are Safe In Their Stroller

Stroller weather shield

Do you want to get out in the rain, wind, or snow? You can totally do that. Buying a stroller weather shield will protect your child and help him/her enjoy the weather.

Stroller Toy

If your baby is a bit old, he/she will definitely get bored during long walks and will want to get distracted by toys. Make sure the toys are securely fastened.

Car seat adapter

If your baby is used to sitting in a car seat, you might want to buy a car seat adapter to snap the car seat onto the stroller. This piece of accessory is preferred by parents because having it means not having to wake up the baby every time you need to get him/her out of the car.

Cushioned body supports

This is perfect for newborns. It provides head and neck support and comfort to their bodies.

No matter how many safety accessories you buy, the biggest responsibility lies on you. Here are some things you should and should not do.

Extra Features to Look for

Practical Brakes

Make sure you buy a stroller that has brakes that are easy to operate. Make sure your baby can’t reach the brake release lever.

A Wide Base

Wide bases make it hard for strollers to tip over.

A single footrest

If you’re looking for a side-by-side double stroller, choose one with a single footrest that extends across both sitting areas. Small feet can get trapped between separate footrests.

What If Your Child Has Special Needs?

If your child has special needs, you might want to buy a stroller with storage that will help you carry any necessary equipment, such as a cardiac monitor or oxygen.

After reading this article, you can easily enjoy hanging out with your child without being worried.

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