7 Things to do when your toddler won’t stay in the stroller

Many toddlers hate to be buckled in and being strapped in strollers. What happens if your little one is one of the toddlers who hate the stroller?

If you have a newborn who cries once he’s in the stroller, a baby who wails through strolls, check out the tips below to have a big move on with this issue.

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1. Distraction Is the Key

Distracting your toddler is the key to have a quiet ride. Your aim here is to distract the toddler or make him forget what he was crying about.

Toddlers get distracted easily if you use the right way to grab their attention in a way that doesn’t make them feel like you’re ignoring their grumbling or crying.

Moreover, start something fascinating before you set off. For example, try playing a game as I spy, Tell stories, or point out objects that you pass by.

2. Use Toys And Treats

As a wise parent, you should reserve certain beloved toys and snacks to use when the toddlers refuse to sit still in the stroller.

Before you get your toddler in, show him the toy or his favorite snack, tell him that he can’t have it unless he’s in his stroller. He may settle down in order to get it.

Don’t wait until your toddler gets hysterical; by then, he won’t care about his favorite toy or snack.

3. Check For Physical Comfort

Your toddler may not be feeling comfy in his stroller, so it’s the reason behind his refusing to it. You should make sure that he’s body isn’t in an awkward position or that the restraining belt isn’t too tight.

In summer, it might be so hot for your toddler to stay in the stroller. Some strollers have extra liners that can be removed for extra airflow.

You can get a stroller fan and clip it to the stroller to make your toddler cool enough.

Adjust what you can

Any small adjustment in the stroller can make a big difference with your toddler. Strollers have many adjustments that are designed to fit your baby in different positions.

If your toddler refuses to be clipped into the stroller in the car seat, try to strap it in an upright position or change the direction that their car seat is facing.

4. Check for Emotional Comfort

Sometimes toddlers just need to be held, so they automatically refuse to sit in the stroller.

Unfortunately, there are sometimes that we have to put them down in the stroller.

Try to consider a rear-facing stroller. In this case, your toddler will have a look at you and may feel emotionally comfortable and safe.

5. Try When Your Baby Is Sleepy

Timing can play a huge role in getting a smooth stroller ride with your toddler. By the time, you’ll get to know when is the right time to have a stroller ride.

Consider strapping your toddler in their strollers when they’re about to drift off. As sleeping experts recommend, laying your baby down in their crib when they’re sleepy helps them to get used to it.

If the toddler is tired and sleepy, and then finds himself in the stroller with gentle, soothing moves, he’ll start to enjoy the stroller when he’s tired, and by the time he’ll start enjoying the stroller in other times too.

6. Take Regular Breaks

Don’t deny kids a good stretch of the legs. As it’s important for them to feel that they’re not trapped in the stroller and essential for their physical state.

Moreover, you should give your toddler a walking-break before your toddler tries to wrest himself out of the straps.

In conclusion, take resting stops during your stroller rides, so your toddler has many opportunities to get out of the stroller before he starts grumbling about it.

7. Consider A Backup Plan

Your toddler may be hating the stroller to the level that you can’t control it. In this case, you should put an alternative option in your consideration.

One of these options is babywearing. For your toddler, nothing beats the comfort of being strapped to mom or dad, which makes them more comfortable with the babywearing other than the stroller.

Your toddler will also enjoy riding in seated wagons, as they seem more fun. Also, put a push-handle car in your consideration.

Final Thoughts

In the first place, you need to figure out the reason behind your toddler’s hate to the stroller.

The reason may vary from an uncomfortable physical state leading to an unpleasant emotional state.

In conclusion, once you find out the reason behind this hate, you’ll be able to solve it simply, and you’re ready to go in a safe, and quiet stroller ride.

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