UPPAbaby Vista Vs. City Select: Which One’s Best?

UPPAbaby Vista vs. City Select Stroller

Shopping for baby-related items can be a little confusing with all the options available. But if you research your options, you’ll find that the UPPAbaby Vista Vs. City Select strollers are two of the best choices on the market.

And if you’re not sure which one to pick, here are the differences that may help you make up your mind.

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UPPAbaby Vista vs. City Select – Full Comparison

Seating and Configurations

Both strollers come with various configuration possibilities and can fit up to three passengers.

This is thanks to the fact that they can hold two seats on the stroller’s frame and have a third option for standing.

On the one hand, the Baby Jogger City Select stroller has over 16 configurations to suit whatever your need is. These include parent-facing, front-facing, sibling-facing, as well as some mix and match positions.

It can hold two seats and a glider board can be attached to the back of the stroller for a third child to hop and stand on.

On the other hand, UPPAbaby Vista more or less the same features, but the configurations aren’t as versatile.

Seat Features

Both strollers are compatible with car seats, bassinets, and toddler’s seats. So either of the options would suit you well if you have twins.

They also enable you to use a combination of seat types such as a toddler seat and a car seat in case you have children of different ages.

As for the reclining, the City Select’s seat can be set to various secure positions to make your baby comfortable. It also has a 45-pound capacity and an expandable foot area that gives your child all the room they need.

On the other hand, the Vista’s seat can single-handedly be reclined into multiple positions and has a superior capacity of 50-pounds. So it suits toddlers as much as it does babies.


Both canopies provide your little ones with 50+ UV protection, can be adjusted to fit your child better, and have proper ventilation to maintain airflow.

They also have peek-a-boo windows to allow you to keep an eye on your child to make sure they’re comfortable at all times.

Wheel Features

While the wheels on both strollers are well-made and deliver a safe and reliable ride, they’re entirely different.

The City Select’s wheels come in two different sizes to maximize maneuverability and give you better control over you stroller.

The 8-inch front wheels can be locked for long-distance straight strolling or left to swivel during walks in crowded streets or malls. Moreover, the 12-inch rear wheels are made of Forever-air. They’re durable and enable the stroller to traverse any kind of terrain.

On the other hand, the UPPAbaby Vista has 8.2-inch front wheels and 11.3-inch rear ones. All the wheels are equipped with suspension for shock-absorption and to provide your baby with the smoothest ride.

The foam core and rubber material make the wheels very durable and prevent it from going flat by being punctured.

Handlebar and Brakes

You can easily adjust either of the strollers’ handlebar to suit the height of the parent and facilitate pushing the stroller for them.

However, the City Select beats the Vista with its push system that locks and unlocks the wheel brakes. This feature is a great safety precaution.

And the UPPAbaby doesn’t have much to compete with as the available brake system is a foot-activated one, which makes it a little harder to use.

The Color Choices

Whether it’s the City Select or the UPPAbaby Vista, you’re definitely getting a stroller with an attractive color.

The City Select comes in 9 colors, including ruby, amethyst, onyx, quartz, black, red, sand, silver, and teal.

The UPPAbaby Vista, on the other hand, comes in 8 colors including: Denny (Red and Silver), Georgie (Marine Blue and Carbon), Jake (Black and Carbon), Lindsey (Wheat and Silver), Maya (Marigold and Carbon), Pascal (Grey and Carbon), Samantha (Amethyst and Carbon), and Taylor (Indigo and Silver).


While both strollers are equipped with storage baskets as features and not as accessories, there are still some differences in sizes and positions of UPPAbaby Vista Vs. City Select.

The City Select comes with a large storage basket beneath the seat. In that basket, you can place toys, diaper bags, a handbag, and various other times you may need. The opening of the basket is also closed off to keep everything inside while you move.

As for the UPPAbaby Vista’s, it’s an extra-large one located beneath the seat. It’s big enough to accommodate diaper bags, blankets, and several other items.

And while the opening is a little wider to facilitate grabbing the things you need, you should keep an eye on it lest anything falls out.


You can simply lift the sides of the City Select and the stroller will begin to fold by itself. This feature is an excellent addition for busy parents who are always holding many bags or items.

The UPPAbaby’s folding mechanism is a little more complicated. But you can do it with or without the seat attached, and it can stand upright on its own when it’s folded.


The City Select comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year’s warranty on parts (except tires and tubes).

Conversely, the UPPAbaby stroller’s warranty can be extended from one year to three on strollers, infant car seats, and some accessories sold separately.


Although the City Select isn’t the cheapest option, it’s definitely the cheaper one here. And by up to 600 dollars –a significant difference.

But admittedly, the difference in price is quite justified when you consider how much more durable the Vista is compared to the City Select.

UPPAbaby Vista Vs. City Select: Which is Better?

Generally, the Baby Jogger City Select is a better buy for someone who’s looking for a bang for their buck. It comes at a reasonably affordable price and provides you with many practical yet useful features.

However, if you’re looking for longer durability and premium construction, I’d recommend the UPPAbaby Vista. Although it’s a little pricey, it still gives you excellent value for the money.

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