The 11 Best Reasons Why Using a Baby Carrier is Great for You and Your Baby

Why Using a Baby Carrier is Great for You and Your Baby

Parents, and especially moms, always love to have their babies close to them. The sensation of having your precious one so close to you just oozes love and care. And there is no better way of keeping your baby close to you than having them in a baby carrier.

Baby carriers are great, as when you use them, your hands are free so you can do anything from chores to jogging or shopping while your baby is closely snug to you. So in this article, we will tell you the 11 best reasons why using a baby carrier is great for both you and the child.

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1. Safety and Personal Space

When your baby is inside his/her carrier, they can’t get any safer. They are extremely close to you, and you cater to their wishes and desires at any given moment, If they start to cry or throw a fit, you can easily calm them down on the spot.

Also, baby carriers provide your child with much needed personal space because. Let’s be honest, many people do not respect your baby’s personal space, especially inside a stroller -you have to literally push the people away using the stroller. However, people respect your personal space, and when you have your baby in the carrier, the two of you are one person.

2. Postpartum Moods

Suffering from postpartum mood swings is a regular thing that happens to all moms. And one of the best solutions for dealing with postpartum mood swings is to have your baby close to you, and there is no better way of doing that than by having your baby in a baby carrier.

The hormone that your baby releases works on you as well, making you feel happier and more relaxed. That hormone is called oxytocin, and when created, it provides you with a feeling of bonding and safety, thus relieving all of your stress and anxiety.

3. Free Hands

Want to answer some emails, finish some chores, or even go shopping, a baby carrier has got you covered. Unlike other baby carrying methods, such as using your hands or even strollers, using a baby carrier makes your hands free, as you use your shoulders and back to carry your baby. So now you can do all that you ever wanted to do while having your precious one close by so he/she can enjoy their day.

4. Different Carrying Positions

Baby carriers provide you with different ways of carrying your baby. There are four main positions, they are rear-facing back, rear-facing front, front-facing front, front-facing back. This means that you can choose to carry your child either on your back or torso while also deciding to have him/her face the world or be looking at you.

If your baby is still very young, it is better to always have him/her looking at you while carrying them on your torso, as you will always have your eye on them and them on you, giving you both a much-needed sense of safety.

5. Can Go Anywhere

Unlike strollers, baby carriers can go anywhere you go. Either in small shops or crowded streets, as long as you can go through that place, the baby carrier and your baby can go there as well.

6. Prevents Flat-Head Syndrome

Flat-Head Syndrome or plagiocephaly occurs when your baby lies on their back for prolonged periods. However, it is certainly avoidable, if you carry your child using a baby carrier instead of letting them stay in their crib or stroller.

7. Less Crying

All parents wish their babies would cry less, and many studies have proven that carrying your child -especially in a baby carrier- will make them less prone to tantrums by 43%. Of course, we all know that a stressed baby cries more and that stress could lead to an increase in the baby’s cortisol, which is very bad for the baby’s neural development.

So all in all, carrying your baby in his/her baby carrier will make them cry less, and make them less stressed as they are closer to you.

8. Good for Your Baby’s Hips

Some babies can experience hip dysplasia within their very first months. What is hip dysplasia, you ask, it means that your baby’s hip bones are compromised and might end up dislocated, as they have not been formed correctly.

So, the question here is, do baby carriers impact your baby’s hips? Actually, they do, and in a good way, most people think that tight swaddling can lead to problems with your baby’s hip, however, that is wrong. When done correctly, it helps your baby grow strong and healthy hips.

Also, there is no difference between the impact that a wide-based or narrow-based carrier has. Despite this, many people still think that narrow-based carriers are affiliated or related to the developmental dysplasia of the hip, which is absolutely wrong.

9. Easy Public Breastfeeding

Some moms have problems with public breastfeeding. They find themselves not completely comfortable while nourishing their babies openly so they shy away from it. With the help of a baby carrier, public breastfeeding will be easy, your child will always be close to you and thus you can easily feed him/her at any time.

No longer will you have to use a blanket to cover yourself or your child to feed him/her in public. A baby carrier solves all of these problems. Plus, it will provide you with much-needed privacy.

10. Helps You Spend More Time With the Older Child

Having two children is not an easy task to juggle, especially if the age gap between them is not significant. When they are both young, you will sometimes feel that you are neglecting the older child to keep up with the needs of your smaller one.

A baby carrier solves this problem, babywearing your smaller child, will make your hands free, and thus you can spend more time with your older one. Doing everything you used to do together, strengthening the bond between both of you and even between your two children as you all are in close proximity to each other.

11. Budget-Friendly

Unlike strollers, which are quite expensive, baby carriers are cost-effective, and you will not need to break an arm and a leg to buy one. They are the best option for parents on a budget who need to invest their savings elsewhere as they only cost a fraction of a stroller.

Final Thoughts

Now, we have come to the end, we hope that you have come to a better understanding of baby carriers and have made up your mind about buying one. They are vastly mobile, you go anywhere while wearing them, are cost-effective, give your baby much needed personal space, and solve the dilemma of public breastfeeding.

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